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Futons are no longer relegated to the realm of college dorm rooms, artists’ studios and man caves. Increased interest in health, eastern culture and “green” living has reignited curiosity about traditional Japanese futon beds–known as shiki futons or “shikibutons.” Largely unchanged for thousands of years, platform beds are still considered a fantastic sleeping option, as they promote good posture, circulation and agility.

Despite what you may have heard, “No!”, Sleeping on a shiki futon is not the same as sleeping on the floor. Moreover, many shiki futons now come with platform and additional padding options for those who desire a bit more space between them and the floor.

If you suffer from problems brought on by poor posture or circulation, you’ll be surprised at the relief afforded by a shiki futon. (And hey, if you just like the way they look, that’s cool too!)

What is a Shiki Futon?

If you were born and raised in the US or Canada, you may think futons are nothing more than cheap, fold-up furniture. Not true. Traditional shiki futons which differ greatly from western-style futons have been around for over 5,000 years, and are still considered to be an ingenious sleeping system. Discover everything you want to know about the history and development of futons.

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Lifestyle & Health Benefits

Whether you’re looking to boost your chi, alleviate back pain or mitigate allergens, a Japanese bed is the way to go. The portability of a traditional futon is convenient for those who move from place to place and those with limited space. Besides, shiki futon platform beds just look really slick—a definite bonus point for those who prefer minimalistic interior design. Learn more about medical and lifestyle benefits of a Japanese futon.

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Scientific Studies & Research

Maybe you’ve heard rumblings about shiki futons being beneficial but have yet to see any proof. Or perhaps you’re a born cynic who’s optimistically cautious about buying a Japanese bed. Well, we’ve gathered the data and compiled a Japanese bed studies resource center. The findings are unassailable and will undoubtedly turn your scepticism into certainty.

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Care & Maintenance

It’s not unusual to have the same Japanese bed for several decades. So long as you take proper care of your shiki futon, the same one you bought in your 30s will be the same comfortable bed you’ll be sleeping on in your 50s. That kind of longevity is both eco-friendly and a great way to keep some money in your wallet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, you’re short on time! If you’re simply looking for quick answers to frequently asked questions about shiki futon platform beds or traditional futons.

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Where Can I Get a Shiki Futon?

We did our research to find the merchants selling the best quality shiki futons. Check out our list of recommended stores so you can order your own shiki futon and experience sleeping the Japanese way. Learn more »